Debs Karaoke Renamer

Debs Karaoke Renamer 3.0

Debs Karaoke Renamer is a useful tool for renaming Karaoke Zip files
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Debs Karaoke Renamer is a very lightweight application, which is developed for renaming multiple karaoke zip files quickly. The program comes with two options for renaming files. The first mode is the single file rename mode in which only an individual file can be renamed. The other option is the multiple-file mode which can rename multiple files and folders. This application is very useful because it saves a lot of valuable time, renaming the files following the provided variety of options and making the renaming process faster and easier. The options include selecting subdirectories and recursive renaming multiple files at once. Most karaoke files come with jumbled up and messy names which can be custom-renamed using the Debs Karaoke Renamer by replacing the underscores with spaces, formatting dashes and dividers. The program can also remove double spaces and capitalize file names. It also displays the window showing the list of all files which are being renamed. Debs Karaoke Renamer is freeware, distributed as is and shows no annoying nag screens.

Neeraj Joshi
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